an independent bookshop in in Pasar Santa, Jakarta


Friendship for Grown-Ups

Chances are your favorite childhood stories are tales of friendships, whether it’s between Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron, Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, or Bona and Rong-Rong.

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Reading the B-Sides

Once upon an evening in an era when wi-fi had yet to be part of Jakarta, we stumbled upon a slim black book by J.D. Salinger in a second hand bookshop.

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Memperkenalkan Lusifer! Lusifer!

Malam itu banyak hal tak semestinya terjadi. Tetapi, apa boleh buat, Lusifer diyakini merasuki tubuh Mawarsaron, si gadis 16 tahun. Tidak ada pilihan lain, si Iblis Segala Iblis harus diusir.

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A Woman of Her Own

The fourth thematic collaboration between POST and Aksara Kemang is a personal one for us. Read our curatorial note to find out why.

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One Poem, Three Translations

Mikael Johani, Daniel Owen, and Syarafina Vidyadhana offer their takes on a Wiji Thukul poem as part of their talk on the politics and poetics of translation.

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Beyond Haruki

Our curatorial note for the second thematic collaboration with Aksara Bookstore, on Japanese writers other than Haruki Murakami.

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